In 2016 Polo Development LLC began work with Dr. Gretchen Oliver in the Kinesiology Department at Auburn University. Their Swing and Movement Lab at Auburn allowed the USPA to conduct a swing study with a wide array of polo players, both male and female, to break down the mechanics of the polo swing. The findings of the study showed that utilizing the Kinetic Chain Theory will increase the efficiency of energy and momentum used to generate and execute their swing; in turn this program will see a boost in injury prevention, player performance and player longevity.

Out of the research developed our three faceted program, Player Performance Analysis. Participants will utilize Riding and Swing Analysis as well as Pre-Riding Warmup Exercises to maximize their individual potential and development.


The Swing Foundation Guide video below, commentated by Adam Snow, highlights the swings of professional players, Alan Martinez and Team USPA member Mason Wroe, both of whom exhibit the fundamentals of a near perfect offside forehand.

The PPA program currently offers educational opportunities for instructors to learn about the program and how to utilize the technology in their programs. Additionally, clinics are offered where players can have their swings and riding patterns analyzed. After a PPA clinic, personalized Elite Analysis videos are made for participants to see their swing and riding patterns with recorded feedback. Videos are delivered through individual PoloSkilz PPA Accounts.

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3 Parts of PPA

  • The USPA Swing Glossary is designed to benefit players and instructors through isolating the key components of a successful swing. Combining foundational riding and swing movements allows players to maximize their ability.
  • The USPA Riding Pattern and Criteria are designed to benefit players and instructors by emulating all necessary riding maneuvers in polo into one concentrated pattern.
  • By implementing exercises from the USPA Pre-Riding Warmup Exercise Glossary into a simple routine each time before riding, players will activate targeted muscle groups needed for optimal performance and injury prevention.

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