The Player Performance Analysis Program has been an idea in the making for over 5 years.  Many in the sport of polo have attempted to nail down the specifics of the perfect swing technique, however style tends to dictate the nuances required for a consistently great swing. Over the past 5 years, various leaders in the sport such as Committee Chairman Charles Smith, former 10-goaler Adam Snow, Polo Developmens Executive Director Kris Bowman, and Director of Club Development Justin Powers have worked closely together to define and identify the fundamentals behind a good polo swing. Now, Polo Development LLC is ready to dip into the science behind the polo swing by partnering with the Auburn University School of Bio Mechanics to more clearly define and the fundamentals of the polo swing on a more scientific basis.

At various Polo Development events over the past 5 years, we have utilized video analysis to help improve players across the nation and finally we are able to bring you an online feature. We are finally ready to provide a repository for those players involved in these events to house and view their video analysis reports. If you have been to a Polo Development event wherein video analysis of your swing or riding has taken place you can now view those reports right here.

PDLLC Staff can now create a report of your analysis and you can have access to these reports right here through your PPA Account. You can track the progress of your swing over multiple years to make sure you don’t develop a minor tweak that will hinder your potential to have a consistent technique.

If you have taken part in past video analysis portions events, please create a PPA account here and  PDLLC Staff will be notified. Once the video report(s) of your swing or riding analyses have been compiled, they will be available for you to view right here in your PPA Account.

If you have any further questions please contact us directly.