Here are resources pertaining to Player Performance Analysis that can help you track your progress.

Swing Analysis:

After much research and scrutinization Polo Development LLC committee chairman, Charles Smith, Executive director of Polo Development, Kris Bowman, former 10-goaler, Adam Snow, Director of Club Development, Justin Powers, and RPC Internship Program graduate, Ethan Galis worked closely to define and identify the fundamentals of a good polo swing. These fundamentals can be applied to all polo swings. This video highlights the swings of professional players, Alan Martinez and Team USPA member Mason Wroe, both of whom exhibit the fundamentals of a near perfect offside forehander. You can compare your swing with the swings highlighted here. The angles determined here and the form can point out inconsistencies in your swing that need to be fixed.

Please view the Swing Foundation Guide, commentary provided by Adam Snow, below to learn about the Fundamentals behind a good polo swing.

Riding Analysis:

Polo Development LLC, has utilized video riding analysis for many of their programs like: Team USPA, YPO, NYTS, I/I and more. With the help of long-time professional player, Charles Smith, PDLLC has developed a riding pattern that can test your riding abilities and how they pertain to the game of polo. All riding video analyses are based off of this pattern. If you intend to attend a USPA event where riding analysis will take place, you can study this pattern to prepare before your arrival.